4 Ways to Use Flowers for Increased Business Sales

Storefront Flowers

One of the best ways to draw in more business into your shop is by using beautiful bright flowers to attract the customers you want.  Women especially are drawn to flowers not only because of their beauty but likely because they associate a beautiful bouquet of flowers with great memories like a romantic date, a wedding or a gift they received on an important day.  Tapping into these emotions can really help to promote your store and improve sales.  Even though men might not admit it they enjoy flowers too but for completely different reasons. They associate the scent of flowers with women and any guy will tell you they love a nice floral perfume on a girl. How do we know this? The bestselling perfumes for women are floral based.  This means adding flowers to your shop is going to not only improve the number of women visiting your store, you’ll also likely see a bump in the number of guys who might be out looking for a special gift for their significant other.

1.     Store entrance

If your business could use more foot traffic and visitors to your store, then putting flowers outside could boast this a surprising amount. Bright flowers are eye-popping and their beauty can often be transfixing.  Nature photos are the #1 commented and liked photos on social platforms like facebook and Instagram and it’s likely that your computer wallpaper at some point has incorporated the beauty of the outdoors.  They stop time for a second and take people out of whatever they’re doing which is exactly what great marketing does.

2.     Freebies

There’s nothing like the power of free. Offer a free anything and visitors will be racing inside to take you up the deal.  Flowers are the perfect freebie because unlike a free pen or finger snack that’ll be consumed right away, guys will jump to grab one so they’ll look like a hero when they come home.  One of our human tendencies is to try to give back when something they receive something; it’s called the law of reciprocity.  This means you’ll have an actual human cognitive bias on your side that’ll not only bring people in but they’ll want to shop at your store because you’ve done something nice for them.

3.     Where the flowers are your customers will go

Whether it’s a new product you’d like to promote or a place in the store that you want your customers to go, flowers will act like a beacon that says “come here”.  Just make sure you put them in a place that’s open and able to seen from most areas in the store so that they aren’t hidden!  It’s as simple as that.

4.     Leverage the Internet & Social Media

We’ve reached out to Searchbounce, a local Baton Rouge SEO Firm to see if there are other marketing tips that can be applied to small businesses.  They recommend that small shops have the advantage of being able to create a personal connection with their local area by actively posting to Instagram and Facebook. In this specific case, uploading pictures of the bright flowers will create a great post that’ll gain likes and create impressions to bring customers in the next time they need to shop. Searchbounce also talked to us about utilizing YouTube which is easily shared and can be an effective way to tell customers about your store.  Searchbounce is recommended for their SEO services in San Antonio and have reported that YouTube is one of the best ways to increase conversion right now.

Why Flowers Are a Guys Best Friend


If the way to a man’s heart is through cooking a great meal, then the pathway to a woman’s heart is through making her feel special.  Flowers are an intimate gift that expresses emotion effectively and is why they will win over a night out if given correctly. The reason is because giving flowers combines many of the things that guys want to achieve when they are looking to tell a girl she’s special. The act blends in the element of surprise upon first receiving them and will last for a week’s worth of lovely scents and make a great conversation piece that’ll give your girl the chance to brag about you to her friends. In fact, a study shows that 93% of women can remember the last time they received flowers, and 88% say receiving flowers makes them feel special.

Picking the right flowers however, still remains a mystery to most men so here’s our guide to making it easy.

Option # 1: You can’t go wrong with her favorite color

It’s literally impossible. She loves purple = get her purple flowers.  That’s the simplest trick in the book for giving her flowers that she’ll love. You know her favorite color, right? It’s usually one of those questions that gets asked on the first or second date during an awkard pause but if not then you can either ask or take a shot at guessing by going off the colors she generally wears or has in her apartment. It’s so much more thoughtful to surprise a girl by saying “I know you like purple so I wanted to get you flowers that match your style” than a generic bouquet. Remember that’s what the goal is, making her feel special so if you’re going to go for it then go all the way.  This tip can also save you some serious dough because if she happens to like purple, yellow or an odd color you just saved yourself from buying expensive roses which is many guys go-to.

Ultimately, it makes things easier for the purchaser: if you have a type in mind, you can simply tell the florist the flower or the color and the amount you want to spend, and let him or her take care of the rest. 

Here’s a great local florist http://www.bookshelfflorist.net/

Option # 2:  If you do know her favorite flower then add to it

As long as her favorite flower isn’t some exotic chinese dragon lilly that only grows for 2 weeks out of the year then go for this option but add a little something to the floral arrangement. It wouldn’t be uncommon for a girl to have mentioned that to another guy in the past that wanted to buy her flowers. Asking the florist to throw in some other flowers to make it really pop can set you apart from the last guy that may have given her the flowers she likes. A fail safe option is to ask for a mixed spring bouquet with her favorite flower being the centerpiece.

What to avoid: Being predictable or trying too hard

Most guys will regrettably find themselves forgetting some kind of important (to her) event or did something they know they should make up for.  The key here is not to go overboard and be too predictable. Flowers can help with the saying sorry but shouldn’t be used as the centerpiece of the apology. “Hey I got you flowers, that should take care of the apology” doesn’t work out so great so you’ll need to first put the flowers aside and own whatever it is you’re sorry about because it’ll seem insincere if you leave out the whole reason you’ve bought flowers in the first place. After you’ve laid down your apology then you bring the heavy hitter flower arrangement which is the more effective way to use them.

If you’re in a rush and can’t drop by a florist then go online to 1800 Flowers

That’s our guide, if you like it please share and feel free to tune in for more!